If You Are Losing, Should You Give Up?

What Are People Going To Think If You Lose?

The simple answer is don't look into the past.
Don't allow anyone to judge you and don't even try to judge yourself.

  • Don't take the past and give it too much credit, help you get rid of anxiety. Don't underestimate the current and the future.
  • Make a decision a start dwelling.
  • You will regret not going for it, way more than if you fail a second time.
  • Taking action is always a better answer than pondering, thinking, and trying to decide.
  • Learning from failure is as equal to the victory of it.
  • No one knows what is gonna happen tomorrow.
  • Remember: Don't ever be afraid of other people's opinions.
  • Don't worry about what other people think, it allows you to do things.
  • By doing things, You either win or learn from your loss and it creates speed. It's the absolute mental difference between the people that are executing and winning VERSUS the people that aren't.
  • Navigate Happily. Try to be grateful for what you have. Don't spend time complaining and dwelling, spend on doing.
  • Don't be scared of other people's judgment.

Liking your losses will make everything easy. Don't give a fuck if someone says you lost.
Find Out Who You Are Scared Of.

Insecurities are Poison, Massive Poison.
Stop Looking Backward. 
It Will Slow You Down To Where You're Going.

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By- Garry Vee, Entrepreneur
Blog Post Written By- Amar Singh, BDS Studnet, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Youtuber

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