What Are The 5 Rules To Win The Day

 5 Rules To Win The Day

Gary Vee

Things which factor into your life:

Winning the day
Winning the year
Winning the game.

 These five rules are clear guidelines to make a happy, successful life.
Recently, I have come across Gary Vee post on, "Rules to win a day"
So,  I have decided to share them on my blog.

Be Confident
Keep us away from losing scenario.

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Positive Vibes
Cut off the negative people, who bring you down.
Share positivism and focus on positive vibes in your life.

Strength Over Weaknesses
Find out what you good at, do it over and over again. 
People will tell you to fix this, you're not good, just don't believe in that. Just keep crafting that craft.
At the end of the day, always put your strengths over your weaknesses.

Legacy is Greater than Currency.
The dollars, the products, the cars don’t matter long term.

There is not a single winner, who succeeded without working hard.
If you aren't working hard, you are lost.
Every winner Hustle 24/7/365.

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