Habits of Highly Confident People and Ways to Build Self Confidence

This is the most popular topic all-around confidence. We all seek confidence, we all lack confidence. We all have moments where we feel insecure.  

I have discussed some habits in deeper and how to practice them. It will be challenging, pushing nature habits.

1. Confident people have worked through their past. They have gone through all difficult times and processed through their past. They haven't pushed the work under the carpet. They worked through all the difficult times and saw how they get affected.

2. Developing high-value skills, that they value. It could be anything like marketing, acting, singing, photography, web designing, etc. When we have high-value skills, we learn to value ourselves and we don't let other people dictate our values. It doesn't have to be trending skills, It can be a skill that is timelessly trending like good communication, writing, art, etc. High-value skills will definitely develop your confidence.


It's not because you have the skill, so you will feel confident. It's the journey of getting the skill that will make you confident while being through all the hard times through the process of acquiring the skill. It's all about the journey of getting the skills.

3. Think before you speak. Quick to listen and slow to speak is one of the main quality of any confident person.

When you respond quickly, you may end up saying things with less value or things that make you regret later. This type of respond will make you feel less confident and weak your position socially.


  • Work Through Your Past
  • Develop High Skill Value
  • Continue to Learn New Skills
  • Respond Slowly When Needed

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